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The Financial Life Map

The Financial Life Map is in fact Financial Discovery, but with a difference. Using this map, we can help you in five areas:

  • Helping & Protecting Your Family: There are a few more emotional issues than family, so we will start by identifying those that you feel are most important. These can range from your children's or grand-children's education, dealing with parental issues or ensuring that you have fully protected your family.
  • Enjoying & Protecting Your Lifestyle: Here we will address personal health issues and the potential challenges that may arise, as well as topics that range from income generation to your bucket list.
  • Planning for the Expected & Unexpected: Generally, life transition issues, such as retirement, disability, career change, etc., are areas that may cause disruption or change to your wealth plan.
  • Creating Financial Comfort: This is where we focus on how you feel about money, risk and even our role in your financial life. We will look at specific issues involved in wealth management, such as managing your portfolio or creating a tax planning discussion. We are now narrowing our focus to some specific items that need to be put into place to achieve financial comfort.
  • Building a Legacy: This our final area to cover because we will discuss how you feel about passing on assets or control to someone else through a will, estate plan or charitable giving strategy.