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Our 360 Discovery Process

At Old Town Wealth Advisors, we believe that effective client Discovery must go far beyond the usual financial questions on a new account application form or a risk-tolerance questionnaire. Discovery should not only seek to understand the client's financial issues, but also the personal, family and social issues that impact and influence financial decisions.

We call this approach 360 Discovery. It represents a departure from most Discovery systems because of its focus on placing life issues before financial issues. We believe that if we understand your life issues, we will better understand your financial needs, concerns, opportunities and goals.

There are six basic areas of your life that directly relate to the wealth plan we create, and we refer to them as Life Cards. Discussing these with you helps us to gain an understanding of you and your family, where we focus on life, not on money.

Vision & Values

  • What are the important values that impact your views about the future?
  • What do you want to accomplish with the money you have?
  • When you think of retirement, what vision comes to mind?


  • What concerns you about either your health or the health of your spouse or family?
  • What changes do you see occurring in your family health situation that we should understand?
  • What plans have you put in place to protect your lifestyle or your family in the eb\vent of a health challenge?


  • How did your career evolve to this point?
  • What else would you like to do if you didn't have your current job?
  • Do you have any plans to work after you retire, either for pay or as a volunteer?


  • What family issues should we consider when making a future plan?
  • Will care giving be an issue for you at some point in the future?
  • Who else in your family will be directly impacted by the plans we put in place?


  • How do you like to spend your time when you're not working?
  • If you had more free time, how would you use it?
  • Have you thought about how much you'd like to travel in the future?

Financial Comfort

  • When you think about the future, what kinds of things worry you regarding your financial situation?
  • What do you want your money to do for you?
  • What needs to happen for you to feel comfortable with your day-to-day financial situation?

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