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the Personal Values Investor

When aligning your values with your investments, the potential to make a difference is enormous — for yourself, your values, your community, even the world at large. We help clients who come to us with the desire to have their personal values aligned with their investment strategy. Some clients have done a great job of saving and are financially secure, spending much of their time in retirement donating their talent and treasure toward the charities and causes they felt were most important to them. Having an investment strategy that unites your values and finances can be important and knowing that when it comes to your finances, some things are too important to compromise. We can be that advisor to help you make informed decisions on where — or where not — to invest your money, and ensure that your financial plan is in line with your environmental and social beliefs. We are able to create a portfolio that, without compromising your immediate retirement goals, allows you to make strong statements about your values and beliefs.